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5 Inexpensive Ways to Have Art in Your Home

5 Inexpensive Ways to Have Art in Your Home

Hanging art on the wall not only customizes but also makes a space feel like home. Living in a rental, hanging art has allowed me to add my touch to the space with minimal impact on the structure I am leasing. (Note: I did paint an accent wall but painting one wall back when I leave will be easy!)

Art can be intimidating because it feels like an investment but it doesn't have to be. There are so many ways to make art accessible even on the smallest budget. Here are 5 ways to source art inexpensively.



These navy and white pieces were born out of necessity but are probably the easiest project I have ever done. In less than 5 minutes I took blank canvases I had laying around and sprayed navy paint on them (heavier on the bottom). 


Believe it or not, this canvas was originally the well know Ikea Audrey Hepburn print that I inherited when a friend moved. Although it was free to me, a quick Google search proves that Ikea's $39.99 is an very low price for a 35 x 35 canvas. I started this project out by painting the entire canvas white and then just added gold and black to my liking. It was really that simple. Now I have a piece unique to my home that cost me nothing!


Okay mirrors are not art per say, but they play the same role by adding character to a room and defining your personal style in your home. You will quickly find out I love gold mirrors so here are two I have in my home that fit in my budget. Sorry, I just can't stomach $500 on a mirror!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of the best things about mirrors. Adding mirrors not only brighten and lighten but also give the illusion of more space. If you have a small or dark room, mirrors can change the way it feels.

Target's round gold mirror is a great mirror because it looks expensive, is on trend and easy to find. I currently have it in my bedroom but it can be used in any space from a bathroom to a dining room. 


This arched mirror was one of my amazing Goodwill finds. I bought a pair of the mirrors for $13.50 each on a road trip to Indiana (hint if you see a Goodwill anywhere GO IN!) After two coats of gold paint they now frame a doorway in my home and add the light and character I wanted. 


Calendars come with at least 12 images in a consistent theme. Purchasing a calendar and framing the large photos will not only give you a large amount of art for a very small amount of money but also provide consistency throughout the art you display. A great way to do this is purchasing a calendar and framing three of the photos above a headboard. Below are a few of my favorite calendars for art and they are all around $12 (therefore $1 per image).


Don't underestimate your own photography. Having photos of important memories, favorite places, and experiences help cultivate your space to be uniquely yours. Nowadays it is so easy to snap a high quality photos on your smartphone. Below is a photo I took on my phone years ago in one of my favorite places  that reminds me of so many family memories. Anyone else may just see a harbor, but for me it evokes much more when I see it everyday. 


Box Retailers

It is no secret Target is my favorite store ever! That being said there are so many options for inexpensive art sold at large box retailers, the secret is finding pieces that don't look mass produced or cheap. Below are two great options from Target, but don't forget other store like HomeGoods, Walmart and World Market. My biggest tips for shopping box retailers are:

  1. Take the time to search their inventory in store and in person.
  2. Wait for sales you know will come (major holidays, end of season, etc.).
  3. Search for coupon codes.
  4. Don't rush to fill your walls, curation takes time. 
 Framed Abstract Wall Canvas 33 X 33 - Project 62™

Framed Abstract Wall Canvas 33 X 33 - Project 62™

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